Join the top digitalization product for small anterprise!

Produce, track, and analyze conversations on the Web, Mobile and Social Media including events, prizes, sales promotions, product samples, and discounts.

Produce, manage, engage, and measure content with the simplest tool ever made

  1. Create once, publish everywhere
  2. Unified conversation
  3. More than Analytics
  4. Digital Assets Management
  5. Team work
“Change almost never fails because it's too early. It almost always fails because it's too late.” ― Seth Godin
"You have to be smart. The easy days are over." ― Robert Kiyosaki
“As a company grows, communication becomes its biggest challenge.“
― Ben Horowitz

Your Website

AAYO automatically generates your Website optimized for all kinds of screens.
You publish and AAYO does the rest.

Key Consumer Interactions

  • Share, Like and Favourite your posts. As such, others will see your content
  • Comment on your posts. You will learn what they like.
  • Bookmark your page and content. We tell you about that.
  • Find your shop by fast mobile navigation.
  • Call you, message you.
  • SEO Ready
AAYO Website

80% of Internet users use Social Media.

Social Media Management in one place!

AAYO Website

Key Features

  • The most cost-efficient digital marketing method used to syndicate content and increase your business' visibility.
  • Monitoring brand awareness
  • Keep in touch with customers where they act the most
  • Get significant more inbound traffic
  • Higher conversion rates

Innovative Content Management Tool

Specialized content types: Posters, Videos, Articles, Events, Offers and more.

Top Features

  • Cross-publishing with one click (we take care on each Social media Channel). Automatically sync with social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Xing, ...
  • Real-time monitoring of the visitor reactions: visits, likes, favourites, comments
  • Unified conversation one place you can answer comments from all channels
  • Advanced scoring, analytics measuring the impact of your content
  • Media Manager, including photo editor
  • Data backup as XML.
  • Storage on fair usage premise
AAYO Website
  • Up to date security standards (HTTPS, OAuth)
  • Life time FREE updates.

More than Analytics. Scores, Recommendations

Scoring algorithm measuring impact of published content

AAYO Analytics

Always know what happens on your Website, App and Social Media

AAYO monitors all visitors reactions and computes an overall score

  • Real-time monitoring of all Website, App and Social Media conversations. Notifications. Inline reply to all reactions no matter the channel they come from.
  • Aggregation of all your digital presence
  • Scoring according with the performance of your business segment


Magic Publishing (coming very soon)

  • Plan your content and go on holidays
AAYO Scheduler

Choose your Plan

1 domain: standard domain (such as .com, .de) 1 Website: Standard. Configurable
Social Media Package: 1 YouTube Account, 1 Facebook Page, 1 Twitter Account 1 Team member: Only you as admin
Media Assets Manager: Manage your pictures and videos (3Gb) Analytics: Keep the impact score of your content, likes, visits, and more

Plan A 8.95 €/Month

1 year contract, one time payment in 30 days after registration (107.40 €/year)

Plan B 8.95 €/Month

2 years contract at fixed price, annual payment, first year payment in 30 days after registration (107.40 €/Year)

Plan C 7.95 €/Month

3 years contract at fixed price, annual payment, first year payment in 30 days after registration (95.40 €/Year)
All prices excl. 19% VAT

Additional Options

Custom Website Design ONE TIME PAY! 195.00 € to have your own custom design built by us
Team Collaboration Each additional team member for only 4.95 €/Month
Each member increases the number of channels in your organisation by the amount in the package you booked.
Social Media Hub
  • Up to 25 Facebook resources (pages, groups, you as admin) 4.95 €/Month
  • Up to 25 Twitter accounts 4.95 €/Month
  • LinkedIn: 1 page and 1 user 1.95 €/Month
  • Xing: 1 user 2.95 €/Month
Reach Mobile Users

Sync all your channels with your own app!

  • ONE TIME PAY! 399 € to have your own Android App
  • ONE TIME PAY! ONE TIME PAY! 499 € to have your own iPhone App
Would you have questions or like to have a complete custom package, let us know. All prices excl. 19% VAT